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Essential Questions

1. What is artistic expression?

Artistic expression is how anybody expresses themselves. It does not have to be through any specific medium. You can express yourself through drawings, songs, poems, essays, books, etc.

2. What about artistic expression is universal throughout human cultures

What is universal is that you are free. No one is going to tie you down. If you are writing a song for yourself then there are no judgments. It is simply to express how you feel. That is why most people can get behind artistic expression.

3. Can you identify a particular speech, work of art or musical experience that changed how you thought about something? Please explain.

This is fairly simple. I love hip-hop music. It has been the only genre of music that I have truly loved. So when Kendrick Lamar released his new album it caught me by surprise. It was mostly his raps over jazz instrumentals. It is not surprising for jazz to be on a song or two on an album, but Kendrick built his album from the ground up on jazz. Long story short I love the album and it is because of the jazz that is always playing in the background and in certain songs in the foreground. When I went to New York last year I even made my parents go to a jazz bar so I could experience it live.

4. What role does art play in local and global societies? Please give an example.

Art plays a huge role in global and local societies. There are constantly art events being held across the world. Some of these events create huge amounts of opportunities for workers to get hired. Whether it is a music concert, an art gallery, or a movie festival.

5. How does language, music or art from other cultures inform you?

I love movies. They are probably my favorite thing in the world and have been since maybe middle school. I have developed a strong liking for foreign films because a…...

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