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Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
Company X, 2013 (Retail Store)

Standards & Procedures

* Company Assets (Theft)
Under no circumstances will theft be prohibited within the company. Employees must purchase products as a client would and are eligible to use their employee discount on whichever product they wish to purchase. Employees who choose to obtain company property without payment of the item will result and lead to termination.

Under no circumstances will theft of company profits be tolerated. Employees are to follow proper opening and closing procedures when opening or closing their assigned cash registers throughout the work day. Profits acquired from the employee throughout the day must be deposited at the end of their workshift; all monies must be accounted for. Failure to comply with the opening and closing procedures of an employee’s cash register will lead to termination.

* Proprietary Information: Customer
Under no circumstances shall employees broadcast, distribute or communicate customer information to anyone other than the customer themselves. Customer information such as addresses, purchases, phone numbers, names, etc. should not be distributed without written consent of the customer. It is extremely important that all employees of Company X respect the privacy rights of others and not engage in unauthorized use or distribution of customer property.

Employees are able to distribute information to others with consent of the customer. Proper identification of the customer is required at all times to access any relevant information.

* Entertainment & Gifts
Employees may accept gifts from vendors at any given time. Employees may also attend vendor-funded events.

* Gifts: Employees may accept gifts for personal use when presented from vendors. Employees are not to market and sell such rewards for personal…...

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