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The goal of a company is to make sure they make a profit. Because if they don’t, then, the business would not survive and the company will have to shut down. At the same time, a company cannot ignore or sideline the social responsibility it has towards the society either.

As we can see here, Company Q had to close some of its stores because those locations were losing money. The company is also very much focused on making profits and thus, has high margins on organic, health-oriented products since the customer base for that kind of products is small. Company Q also decided rather throw away its day old food products than donating it to the food bank.

When we look at all the above steps taken by the Company Q, we can say that the attitude of this company towards social responsibility is very negative. Company Q did not even consider the fact that the employees will lose their jobs if they close those two stores. Had they considered, they could have tried to improve things in those two locations so that they don’t go in a loss rather than just closing the stores. Not only did the employees lost their jobs but the company lost a loyal customer base too by closing those two stores.

There is also a significant mistrust between the company Q and its employees going on. The decision to rather throw the food away than to donate it to the food bank because of distrust in their employees shows that Company Q lacks not only business ethics but also social responsibility too. This company needs to set certain guidelines to practice better business ethics within the enterprise and help increase trust between the company and its employees. After several requests from customers for years, they started providing health conscious and organic food products. This could be called as being socially responsible and…...

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