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Estelle Massey Riddle Osborne: A Nurse Leader in Diversity
Excelsior College
July 31, 2012

Excelsior College, Liberty University, Old Dominion University, St. Joseph’s College are all colleges that offer baccalaureate degrees for nursing. These are only a few of the thousands of programs that are currently available either on campus or on-line to men and women of every race. This was not always the case. During the Civil War, black codes were in place in both the north and the south. These black codes were designed to hinder the progress of blacks and to limit access to institutions of learning and employment opportunities (NBNA, 2012).By 1900, of the four hundred thirty two schools that were open to women in the United States; only ten were open to blacks. For over forty-three years, Estelle Massey Riddle Osborne fought to eliminate discrimination and was relentless in her actions to assure future blacks had opportunities to obtain higher levels of education, be employed in higher supervisor positions in nursing, and be accepted and welcomed in professional nursing organizations (Grime, 2003). In the journal article, Great black nurses: Estelle Massey Osborne, the author Marie O. Pitts (2002) speaks of Osborne’s exceptional journey. Estelle was born May 3, 1901 in Palestine, Texas. She was one of eleven children. Her father was a handyman and her mother was a homemaker. Even though her parents did not have professional careers, they were the most knowledgeable and progressive in the area they lived. They always wanted better for their children and believed in traditional ways of rearing them. All eleven of the Massey children received a minimum of two years of college. That was not the norm, during that time period. After graduating high school, Estelle enrolled in Prairie View State College; she later graduated with a teaching degree. Two…...

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...about deferred maintenance and damaged areas if any. New client. • Please rush. No invoice is necessary. Payment will be sent to the addressee for fee(s) indicated. Payment reference # 3074371 If data is not available, provide approximations for age, square feet, number of rooms, etc. (indicate when estimated). Reviewers will not approve reports with missing data. Provide comments explaining differences of comps & listings versus subject, if applicable. If you are currently listing this property, have listed it in the past or are in the listing office, you cannot do this order. MASSEY 2120 Ramrod Ave Apt 2988196 12/27/2011 1917 Henderson,NV 89014 Services Requested Fannie Mae Retro Desk Review 1 Line CMA/MLS Summary: 0-6 months CMA/MLS Detail Upload: 0-6 months MLS Sheet MLS Sheet for Subject Snapshot Print Field Notes 12/29/2011 $10.00 COMPLETED(12/29/2011) Print Invite Send Email Case Talk ESTELLE BERG Performance 3074371 820 Brunellos Ave LAS 02/02/2012 VEGAS,NV 89123 Pro Teck makes it easier for you to produce a BPO: Click here to learn about PT AVM. Instructions The subject address was updated to standard format. Here is the client's provided subject address: 2120 RAMROD AVE APT 1917 HENDERSON, NV 89014 Retro Value Date:4/30/2007 12:00:00 AM;Special Intructions:; THIS IS A RETRO MLS DATA PULL, NO VALUE CONCLUSION IS REQUIRED. PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE CURRENT DATA AND PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE DATA OUTSIDE OF THE EFFECTIVE DATE. IF MLS IS PURGED, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT THE......

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