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In the film entitled Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I will argue to the claim about the minds inconsistency in making decisions and why do people tend to escape from their destined life, the emotions conquering our decisions that we are making, and so, also some thoughts and points that I would like to argue about the film.

The First or rather striking part is that Joel who met Clementine at the Montauk. Draw from their different personalities they became lovers. And an argument follows which results or makes a life decision and that decision is to erase all of their memory about Clementine and as so Clementine did it before he has done it... In that case they have both tried to become strangers in a way of erasing their memories...

Secondly is Joel’s dreaming part in the movie, or in which case is, the memory clearing part. It automatically strikes me as a viewer that Joel try to escape from the real situation, even if his memory is being cleared and even it is not possible to bring it back or to stop it, he still fought for his feelings, and I’ll be arguing also with the following topics...

Thirdly is what happened to Joel and Clementine at the start and at the end of the said. At the first cycle is that it so happens that they had a bad relationship which resulted in to forgetting each other. And at the second cycle they’ve become strangers again and so finding out what they did in the first cycle. This resulted into correcting what they have done wrong in the past cycle.

The fourth thing that comes in to my mind is the question of, why if Lacuna Inc. never existed in the film? What would Joel and Clementine do to forget each other in behalf of what had happen in the film. Will the results of what they are about to do, show the same result of what they…...

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