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Ethanol is an alcohol that, when added to gasoline, can be used as a transportation fuel. It is being blended in to gasoline at concentrations of five percent to ten percent for use in motor vehicles. The main ingredient in ethanol is corn, a renewable resource that is in abundance in the United States. Brazil is the leading producer in ethanol, and vehicles there have been running on 100% ethanol for many years (, 2013). While ethanol seems to be the answer to renewable fuel sources, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using this product. The most obvious advantage of using ethanol is the benefits to the environment. Vehicles that are fueled by ethanol produce much lower carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide than those using gasoline (West. 2013), and because this fuel source is made from plants, the carbon dioxide it does emit is recycled back to reproduce the product. A study published by Yale University's Journal of Industrial Ecology found that GHG emissions from ethanol produced at modern dry-mill facilities are "... equivalent to a 48 percent to 59 percent reduction compared to gasoline, a twofold to threefold greater reduction than reported in previous studies." (, 2013). Another great advantage is that ethanol is readily available in many countries around the world. In the United States, it is made with corn, and produced in the Midwestern states like Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois. In Brazil, it is made with sugar cane, and is widely used as a primary fuel source. Possibly the greatest advantage to using ethanol is that it can be produced right here in the United States. With the use of ethanol, the United State’s dependence on foreign oil is greatly reduced, and it will improve the economy by supporting local farmers and creating domestic jobs. According to the…...

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...Ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel that is made by fermenting and distilling starch crops, such as corn and it can also be made from “cellulosic biomass” such as trees and grasses. A majority of ethanol that is used for fuel is blended into gasoline. More than ninety-five percent of the gasoline supplied in California today contains six percent of ethanol. Flexible Fuel Vehicles, or FFVs, have been produced by United States automakers, which are resulting in a growing market for E85 fuel, eighty-five percent ethanol and fifteen percent gasoline. (Consumer Energy Center, 2006) About two-thirds of the United States petroleum demand is in transportation and approximately half of United States petroleum is imported. With the U.S. depending so heavily on foreign petroleum supplies, we are creating a greater risk for trade deficits, supply disruption and prices changes. The Renewable Fuels Association’s 2012 Ethanol Industry Outlook calculated that in 2011 the ethanol industry replaced the gasoline produced from more than 485 million barrels of imported oil. Ethanol represents twenty-five percent of domestically produced and refined motor fuel for gasoline engines. (U.S. Department of Energy, 2013) Since ethanol has a lower energy content than gasoline, about one-third more ethanol is required to travel the same distance as on gasoline. However, a high octane rating and other characteristics, result in increased engine efficiency and performance. The cost of producing ethanol is......

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