Ethernet or Token Ring

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Ethernet or Token Ring

Ethernet or Token Ring
I had an issue with this question that I have to address before I answer it. I understand that the answer that you are looking for is token ring for this scenario but the scenario lacks appropriate detail to really make the decision. It does not tell you the specific type of setup that the bank has or if there even is one. Not to mention that token ring is almost completely dead as far as LAN is concerned. There is no reason that the bank could not use an ethernet setup to accomplish its set goals. I just wish the assignment as a whole would be a little more detailed. That being said lets get to the scenario.
Saguaro Federal should use a token ring. I say this because of the topology and function of a token ring. The general overview of a token ring is a circle. Within this circle each system is connected through a MAU by either UTP or STP. The token refers to a data packet that travels around the ring to its destination or destinations. The bank would benefit from a token ring because of the closed aspect of the network, and also because of the one way traffic that happens within the ring. You would avoid data collisions and by using a token ring you can predict the travel time of your data packet arrival. The security aspect of a token ring suits the needs of a financial institution, but also costs more money and difficult technical aspects.
XYZ Technology Consultants would benefit for an ethernet setup. Since the company is centrally located in one building and ethernet setup would make more logical sense. Not only is an ethernet setup easier to install, plan, and all at lower costs the topology can be setup in a variety of ways that would best suit the company. The versatility that an ethernet setup offers would benefit a smaller company such as the one in the scenario. If the company needs to…...

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