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The Nursing Professional and Ethical Considerations for Using Web-Based Social Networking Sites
The Nursing Professional and Ethical Considerations for Using Web-Based Social Networking Sites As nurses navigate web-based social networking sites there is a dangerously thin line between professional and personal online etiquette. Health care employees must maintain patient confidentiality and privacy at all times, as well as serve as a positive representation of their place of employment. Inappropriate use of social media often leads to disciplinary action; and in the most serious cases, can negatively affect a nurse’s career and license.
A violation of patient confidentiality takes place as soon as a nurse shares information or even a small detail concerning a patient over the Internet. Examples include reflecting on the severity of a patient’s disabilities, or even commenting on the behavior of an Alzheimer’s patient. Healthcare Professionals must be diligent when it comes to using web-based social media sites. Anything that is posted on the internet is accessible to all and will stay in cyberspace even if the user deleted it off of their sites. Even with the strictest of privacy settings on their profile, it can still be seen by thousands even millions of people. So imagine that you post a picture on Facebook and you have 100 friends and those 100 friends share that post to their 100 friends and then they share that post with their friends. It could go on and on until thousands of people have seen that one post.
An increasing number of hospitals, medical facilities, and healthcare employers are developing and implementing social media policies. The consequences regarding a nurse’s improper or inappropriate use of web based social networks come with varying levels of discipline all of which are dependent upon the action in question, workplace…...

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