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Ethical Essay
Mark Best
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Ethics is a division of philosphy that deals with human behaviors. There are many different theories that have existed throughout history. An ethical theory must consider and take into account what makes the “right” dicisions different from the “wrong” decision. Ethical behavior has been defined by a lot of different people and organization of the history of the world, but still some actions are argued as to whether or not they are ethical or even moral. Plato’s view of ethics was that it had to do with the arrangement of the human soul. He believe that every human sould consisted of three parts, the rational, spiritual, and passionate. For a person to commit ethical behavior Plato believed that the soul must be properly organized. This meant that the reason must command, organized, and focus the other two parts of the soul. If this was done, then one sought general good and not flights of fancy.

Religions such as Christianity have come up with theories about ethics as well. Christians have theorized that “human souls desire the good, found only in God.” This good is supposed to be “unchanging, perminant, and always satisfying. The goods of this world, such as food, drink or wealth, are only partially satisfying, since these are always changing and human physiology always demands them. God, however, as the final end of all things, is the end of human souls as well. The soul that "rests" in God is the soul that wants nothing other than God. Therefore human action is to manifest the spiritual life in the choices the individual makes.” (Johnson, 2007) The approach to ethics is different depending on the person and the situation. Most people according to O’Toole, 2006, use four different approaches to making ethical decisions. These are principle, consequences, virtue, and moral…...

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