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Ethics Issues
Kimberly Crockran
May 10, 2010
Kenneth Popp

“What is business ethics”? According to BNET Business Dictionary (2009), business ethics is a system of moral principles applied in the commercial world. Business ethics provide guidelines for acceptable behavior by organizations in both their strategy formulation and day-to-day operations. An ethical approach is becoming necessary both for corporate success and a positive corporate image. Following pressure from consumers for moral ethical and responsible business practices, many organizations are choosing to make a public commitment to ethical business by formulating codes of conduct and operating principles. In doing so, they must translate into action the concepts of personal and corporate accountability, corporate giving, corporate governance, and whistleblowing. There are numerous ethical issues that affect our community and organization. In the remainder of this paper, we will discuss three ethical issues within today’s business environment that affect our community and organization. The first ethical issue that affects our community and organization is discrimination. Discrimination occurs when an employee suffers unfavorable or unfair treatment because of race, religion, national origin, disabled or veteran’s status, or other legally protected characteristics. According to Trevino and Nelson (2007) racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual stereotypes can creep into the behavior or even the most sophisticated individuals. Discrimination can be a subtle or not-so-subtle factor not only in working relationships but also in hiring, promotions, and layoff decisions. The second ethical issue that affects our community and organization is conflicts of interest. Conflicts of interest in the public sector are conflicts between public duties and private interests. These can be actual, potential,…...

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