Ethics Game Dilemma Part Ii

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Ethics Game Dilemmas
Joanne Leetch
June 18, 2012
Mary Sortino

Ethics Game Dilemmas *
In the Ethics Game Dilemmas Part II introduced two situations that needed an ethical decision to be made by management as to the best way to handle the situations. The first dilemma deals with the implication that there might be harassment, by an employee named Bill, going on in the workplace. The employee who may be being harassed, employee named Gayle, requested a confidential meeting to discuss an issue. She did not mention anything about harassment, just a request for a confidential meeting. The second dilemma was in regards to an employee publishing false or inaccurate data based on research that the company had just completed and did not turn out as well as expected. Just like in the first Ethics Game Dilemmas the goals of this game were to: enhance ethical sensibility, increase efficacy in decision making, and increase ability to effectively communicate the course of action needed.
The lenses used in the first situation were the Rights and Responsibilities lens and the Results lens. The decision-making steps used in this situation were:
Step 1 - Be attentive. The issue in this dilemma was how to answer the employee’s request for confidentiality in the meeting.
Step 2 – Be intelligent. The stakeholders that were identified in this issue were the shareholders, the VP of Human Relations, Gayle’s manager (me), Gayle, Bill, and Bill’s manager
Step 3a – Be reasonable (Rights and Responsibility Lens). The option that best fulfills the requirements of this lens is to tell Gayle that I can keep a personal matter confidential, but that I may have to report a work-related problem. I should encourage Gayle to review the company handbook before the meeting.
Step 3b – Be reasonable (Results Lens). The option that best fulfills the requirements of this lens is…...

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