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Throughout the tale of The Monkey’s Paw, the weather, similar sinister contrasts in atmosphere, death and fore-shadowing in the re-incarnation of another, are constantly intertwined to provide the perfect detail in aspect of tension and horror surrounding ‘The Monkey’s Paw.’
The use of such outlooks creates an in-sight into the life of the White family without necessarily stating the obvious, allowing us to understand their undulating journey through mystery and misery combined.

Weather and overall environment play a huge role in this somewhat staged life belonging to the White family. As soon as you commence scrutinizing the first page, without having even to deduce the sly connotations imprinted, the weather springs out in your mind to set the ideal scene: darkness, dreariness and death.
From the very first to the very last, contrast is used to constantly unsettle your mind, most specifically in the turbulent weathering systems:
“Without, the night was cold and wet, but in the small parlour of Laburnum Villa the blinds were drawn and the fire burned brightly.”
The striking definition and distinction betwixt both internal and external night ‘life’ is most certainly one of eeriness.
The hostility of a stormy night that is almost automatically referenced to the damp and bitterness of the evening creates an apprehension of misfortune and death; the era in which the novel was written was also one of suspicion and most likely would have regarded such a night to be as arid yet ethereal as ever.
One can unconsciously relate this to many a day suppressed by the dull and drizzly storm clouds gathering overhead, squandering your enthusiasm and hopes in plans for the hours ahead. The same gloom betides as you sit and read in the utmost bitterness, for the atrocious winds and hardly extravagant game of chess sums the dusk.
Then, only to contrast with this, the…...

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