Evaluate the Success of a Range of Projects Designed to Rebrand a Named Rural Area (10 Marks)

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Name: Cornwall
According the Andrew Mitchell, Cornwall remains one of Europe’s most deprived areas. This is despite the 4 million tourists who visit Cornwall every year. There are two main reasons as to why Cornwall is need of rebranding and they are; deprivation caused by low wages and decline in the rural (primary) economy. There have been many schemes put in place to try and alleviate the crisis in Cornwall.
In 2001, a flagship scheme known as the Eden Project opened to visitors. What was once a quarried area used for the collection of China clay, has now been transformed into a conservation site where 3 biomes are home to 1000 plants representing 5000 species. Just by building the Eden Project at the bottom of the quarry has been successful in reimaging the area of Cornwall, which is important because Cornwall has the highest percentage of derelict land in the UK. Success of scheme has been seen through number of visitors and the improvement of employment opportunities for the local people. Within 6 months of its opening the Eden Project was the UK’s third most visited attraction.
In addition, the first year saw a 1.9 million visitor count – considerably higher than the estimated 750,000 before it opened. This has also seen an increase in the amount money being spent in the surrounding area as it has been estimated that an average visitor to the Eden Project will spend around £150 in the Cornwall area. This has generated a multiplier effect where those coming over long distances spend money on accommodation, food and other leisure activities which creates a ripple of benefits within the local area. In addition, success can be seen through the fact that the Eden Project created 400 full time jobs which were all filled with local people in a 15 mile radius to the area. The project has improved the unemployment rate of Restormel – 75% of those employed by the…...

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