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Family and Personal Issues
Damaryes Villanueva
University of Phoenix
Business Management MGT/216
Dr Tucker-Johnson

Family and Personal Issues This paper is written to view balancing family and personal issues while working for an organization. Despite of what one personal life entails life is demanding and everyone needs to know or learn how to balance one’s work, family and, personal life. There will always be pressure in the workplace regardless of one’s status, single or a family the job will somehow, slip into one’s personal life or one’s personal life will slip into work, it inevitable. The key is balancing both equally important lives. In the year 2000 it was reported that 77 percent of women were part of the workforce. It’s fair to say that mothers are a part and continue to be a part of this workforce. The jobs today are not limited to secretarial work in an office or the usual nine to five positions. These are positions that in high demand such as project managers, financial analyst, managers and more (Porter, 2006).
Today’s employers demand more time, availability, flexibility to fulfill a full-time position. This can be a struggle for some employees with families, which may include infants, toddlers, teens, daycare, after-school activities, preparation for events and conferences. Some of these may include the occasional call from the school nurse, asking one to pick up a child because to illness or minor injury. Corporations are becoming more family oriented to bring in employees who are educated, knowledgeable and hardworking. However, there are companies which are not as understanding and only want employees that can dedicate their time to the business. A person in this situation can feel the pressures of balancing family life and work without jeopardizing family values while focusing and maintaining a position with the company. At times…...

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