Evaluating the Research Process

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Evaluating the Research Process
Megan Gardner
Pamela Bennett 05/06/13
Evaluating the Research Process

Pregnancy is a major factor that is over taking the teen community. This is an action that is happening and no one can find a way to slow it down. It seems that everywhere you look; another teenager is pregnant or knows a friend or pier that is pregnant. In the article “Aggression is a predictor of rapid repeat teen pregnancy” the author talks about how teenagers are not only getting pregnant, they are getting pregnant again. This article is an interviewed related article. There was a study done to show that there are many different factors that affect mothers to have another pregnancy. Some of these factors are aggression behavior, mental health disorders, and emotional past experiences. The articles also prove that mothers who continued to have rapid pregnancies tend to have less confidence. Not only is this article peer reviewed but I choose this article to do more research on. I believe this is a strong subject that should be taken seriously. Doing research on this article to find out more information, it is always important to know the background to the article and learning the methodology helps as well. This helps advance my research to maximize my information intake. Methodology is the overview explaining the gathering of the qualitative and quantitative data and where the data may be found. This is the following research on the background and methodology I did to find more information this topic.
Background and Definition:
Background information will help me figure out if my further research is valid to my topic. For example I will use my article’s information to show the background. The problem in my article I chose is that many teen mothers are getting pregnant again within two years of having their first birth. This is a major…...

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