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Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics Christopher L. Jones Phl/323 March 3, 2012 Melanie Klinghoffer

About the Company and its Code of Ethics When Howard Schutz took over Starbucks in Seattle in 1987, it was only a six-shop coffee bean seller. When Schutz semi-retired from working as Chief Executive Officer in 2000 is when Starbucks became a global brand redefining the cafe scene and the culture of coffee drinking. After Starbucks, cafes & the Mocchachino will never be the same again. Today, Starbucks has more than 15,756 stores 29% of them international. In every major city around the globe, there is bound to be a Starbucks, the cafe culture becoming as branded as McDonald's became for fast food Americana. Schultz built the Starbucks Empire by recruiting key specialists and talents in the field they represent. Starbucks is a semi-informal organization holding on to the functions of management as key at keeping efficiency. Starbucks was among the first to ensure that diversity as part of the corporate principle be put in place, sampling local population to ensure that for each store, they maintain a representative and an equal opportunity hiring policy for the local populace. In Corporate management, Starbuck's team is an ethnic collaboration with just about every ethnic group represented - Schultz hires with capacity in mind not racial or ethnic affiliations. Hence, he has instituted a corporate principle that had been in place because he began the chain. The company's code of ethics therefore is Kantian where whereas the company strives for results, which…...

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...In this report, the ethics statements of AT&T will be analyzed, a determination of which ethical systems are used by the firm, Why AT&T might need to modify their code of ethics, the possible reactions to the code, and the effects of the code of ethics on AT&T. The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell over 130 years ago, since then the transformation of the telephone has revolutionized the way the world communicates. This revolution has led the way to the cellular phone that was actually invented in 1900 by Reginald Fessenden. This led to the invention of the radio. American Telephone and Telegraph company was created in 1885 and grew from there into the AT&T that we know today. AT&T began to make telephone service mobile in 1946 and from there a new industry was born. The mission and vision statement for AT&T is Today, our mission is to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else. We're fulfilling this vision by creating new solutions for consumers and businesses and by driving innovation in the communications and entertainment industry (Farfan, 2013) The ethical system that is used by AT&T is a combination of ends-driven, relativistic, entitlement, and duty-driven. The ethical code is broken down into nine components. The first component deals with honest and ethical conduct, this portion is a part of the duty-based because it asks for a moral obligation from employees to act in a certain manner; both......

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