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SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE CLASS: PRY 1 1. I have ____________ money in my pocket. (A) many (B) some (C) a (D) an 2. Give me ________________ water to drink (A) many (B) a cup of (C) several (D) some 3. There is _________________ rice in the bag (A) one thousand (B) plenty of (C) one hundred (D) bunch 4. Give me ____________ meat (A) a piece of (B) a pair of (C) many (D) an 5. A ______________ of rice (A) bag (B) log (C)bucket (D) packet 6. A _________________ of bread (A) packet (B) bunch (C) loaf (D) bag 7. I like my _________ boy (A) baby (B) boy (C) bucket (D) tree 8. This is _______________ mango (A) an (B) a (C) un (D) in 9. Sola is ______________ married (A) getting (B) wearing (C) flower (D) setting 10. She is __________ sister (A) is (B) un (C) my (D) the 11. Ade _____________ to go to party (A) goes (B) went (C) likes (D) solves 12. I like __________ rice and beans (A) eat (B) ate (C) eating (D) eats 13. She ______________ the game (A) enjoys (B) gets (C) wears (D) bag 14. She _____________ quickly (A) run (B) runs (C) ran (D) rans 15. Mrs Tortoise and Mr. hare are going to have a _____________ (A) going (B) race (C) walk (D) set 16. Mr. hare runs ______________ (A) quickly (B) quick (C) quietly (D) slow 17. Mrs. Tortoise is ___________ (A) quickly (B) walking quietly (C) fast (D) well 18. Kola slept yesterday? (A) No,he did (B) Yes, he did not (C) Yes, he did (D) None of the above. 19. Bola played last night? (A) No, she did (B) yes, she does not (C) Yes, she did (D) Yes, she did not 20. The past tense of “Go” (A) goes (B) went (C) gone (D) came

SECTION B 1. Complete the table below

PRESENT TENSE PAST TENSE 1. Go 2. Sleep 3. See 4. Drink 5. Play

2. Complete the table


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