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Examination instructions to Students

Subject: Bus 317 Strategic Management

Please read these notes carefully: 1. The examination will be based on the following case Cochlear via the LMS site for BUS317. 2. You are expected to read the case in detail AND update the information i.e. you are required to know the competitive situation and the internal functioning of Starbucks to October 2013. 3. You are allowed to prepare a single A4 sheet, double-sided, TYPED. Attach this sheet to your answer script. Please DO NOT attempt to reproduce everything you have written down on the A4 sheet in your answer. The A4 sheet is a SUPPORT not a CRUTCH!! 4. To help you answer the exam questions, I suggest you include data on: a. the external environment, cochlear implant industry and closely-related concentric industries and competitive environments.e.g. market share, value of market, major players, rates of change, growth rates; b. Internal analysis to determine organisational capabilities, core competencies 5. The 2-hour exam will comprise 1 section, with a choice of 2 questions. You will answer one of these 2 questions, not both. If both are answered, the answer that appears first will be marked. 6. Q1 looks at the competitive environment and asks you how to resolve a critical competitive issue where you need to devise real world solutions grounded in theory. What is your solution, and more importantly, show how your solution is viable given the firm and the environment. 7. Q2 asks about the appropriateness of a directional strategy. A course of action is suggested. Should Cochlear adopt this course of action or not? Why or why not, given the state of the external environment and the firm. 8. Study advice: c. make sure you know the industry and related industries d. internal analysis e. Business…...

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