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I received a phone call from a doctor who was running a busy clinic; he was unable to dictate in winscribe (clinical dictation software).

I opened a new incident in the LANDESK system (IT call logging software) and started to ask the customer questions relating to his issue. I was told that when he plugged the microphone in there was an error message displayed on the screen but it flashed away too quickly to read.
I typed all this information to the LANDESK window whilst the user was explaining the problem to her ensuring she entered this information in a layout which would be easy to read to her colleague who would be taking on the call. Leanne asked the customer their name and ensured she selected the correct user from the list of users stored within the LANDESK system.

The LANDESK system automatically populates a contact number for the user based on the information provided when the user last updated their work details however by checking the display on the ARC connect system (Phone call management software) this showed the user was calling from a different number. Leanne asked the customer what the best number to contact them on was and then edited the phone number within the ‘phone’ field on the incident. Failure to update this information would mean I was not able to contact the customer at a later time if necessary.

I then selected the correct categories for the nature of the call. Leanne then pressed save and an error message popped up on the screen requesting that she entered a summary into the appropriate field, Leanne then entered a summary into the ‘summary field’ and saved the call.

I asked the customer if it was ok to put them on hold whilst she spoke to her colleague after the customer agreed Leanne put him on hold.

I then asked me if I was free to have a quick look at the customers problem and I remoted onto the pc so I could…...

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