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The Indian television market was all set to witness a high-end technology product launch in April 2009 as Samsung, Panasonic, LG and TCL announced that they would be introducing LED TV in India. LED TVs used 40% lower electricity [5], contained no mercury and were made of environment friendly products [6]
With the existing LCD TV market, which used normal crystal display technology, LED used light emitting diodes(LED) in their panels LED TVs costed 30-40% more than LCDs. This price came down with the emergence of many players in the market.
According to a study by McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), the Indian per capita income is likely to grow three folds over the next two decades making India the world’s fifth largest consumer market by 2025.
Some of the key trends that have led to this increase in spending are listed below: * Higher disposable income and availability of finance * Affordable products * Continuous innovation * Competition to drive sales * Availability at large retail stores and online market places.

A potential customer visiting an electronics showroom in India, may not decide to buy what he sees in the first visit. Since he has more than one place where he can buy from, offering various discounts, freebies, payment options etc the consumer can weigh all his options before he makes an informed choice. The sales of LED TVs like other consumer electronic items is seasonal in nature. Festivals like Diwali, Christmas and Eid are times when people make such purchases, as it is considered auspicious to buy electronic goods during this period. To capitalize on this, all major consumer electronic goods players roll out exciting offers to entice customers towards their product.

We have described below down factors which are involved in the decision making process of a possible LED TV buyer below

Within two years…...

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