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My Experiences as a Writer Thus, I wrote about my life, the summer vacations or silly, imaginary things. I felt intimidated by the prospect of having to fill a page as much as by the endlessness of those first minutes I needed to find a start over than, “Once upon a time.” I like to write.
My first experience as a writer started in elementary, around age 12 when I wrote a story.
Every now and then, during English class, we were told to write. As I recall, the assignment mostly was to “write about anything” which was very exciting. My Aunt Carol helped me plans ideas for my story. Then, we sat to write down what we had processed. My story was coming together very well. My story was a great, it was about a haunted house out in the country. This is where my writing took off. When I received my paper back from the teacher, she gave me an A on my story. Everyone in my family was so happy for me.
My experience as a writer has been extensive. Currently, one writes extensively for school purposes, personal, and as a hobby. For example, I write for my online English and
Math classes, whether its discussion threads, questions or essays.
One of my experiences that has been bothering me inside since I was a child, it was the sex abuse I encountered as a child. Like many of us, if sex abuse has not happened to you, sex abuse is an ugly thing for a child to go through. Kids at school found out, and started making fun of me. That to me was the hardest part of my childhood, but so was talking about it, because it brought back fear and anxiety. One day I would like to help other children in situations like mine. That it is not ok for people to touch you where you do not want to be touched.
In my personal time I like to write letters to my family and friends. Communicating is very important in my family. When I do not…...

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