Exploiting Women's Bodies

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Michelle Ludwig

English 299


23 April 2009

Exploiting Women’s Bodies

Have you ever really looked at an advertisement and realized how demeaning it is to women? Anyone who has ever turned on the television, whether to watch a program or just the news, has witnessed stereotypes. For example, the company Gucci has a very distasteful advertisement that places a woman at a man’s feet. What is Gucci really trying to say when they position women like that? It definitely makes a point of male dominancy and literally puts women down. Stereotypes have existed since the beginning of human kind and can be observed in every place where people interact with one another. Feminist movements have argued since the nineteenth century that stereotyping of gender roles is rampant in many aspects of our everyday world. The long term male dominance over women has been a main focal point in our society. Our world is focused on the fact that sex sells and advertisements sometimes use that to get the product noticed. Even some companies try to make advertisements more popular by putting a girl half naked on the cover. Advertisements can gender stereotype by exploiting women’s bodies, demining women’s intelligence and portraying women in roles that they are “supposed to carry out.”

Everyone in the world was made differently for a reason, so why is our society trying so hard to make people think we should all be perfect? Not everyone is going to look like a model and there is nothing wrong with that. Jean Kilbourne a social theorist says that, “While an average American sees three thousand advertisements per day they are subjected to seeing the image of a beautiful, thin, long legged, model.” Making women believe they should all look like that model. All types of advertising are used, such as billboards and magazines for beer or car advertisements, and a…...

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