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With reference to the thousands of family’s affected by reactions to vaccines and are not entitled to compensation as families in other countries are:
1) I think there should be avenues for support if a child is permanently disabled as a direct result of a vaccination (by participating in the vaccination program they are assisting in the maintenance of the herd immunisation of our country after all)
2) The numbers of any reaction reported and associated with medicine (including vaccines) in Australia are recorded at http://apps.tga.gov.au/PROD/DAEN/daen-report.aspx . These reports do not confirm causality but are a point for adverse reactions to be recorded from which the government can follow up on the safety of the reported medicines. Anyone can submit reports to this data base and the following information is from the TGA website:
“Each year the TGA receives more than 17,000 reports of suspected adverse events to medicines and vaccines. In 2013 about 55% of these reports came via pharmaceutical companies, 17% from state and territory health departments, 10% from hospitals and hospital pharmacists and the rest from community pharmacists, general practitioners and consumers.
The TGA asks for contact details from people making reports so that it can seek further information about suspected adverse events. The TGA does not accept anonymous reports.
If you have any concerns about an adverse event it is important to also speak to a health professional.”
With reference to comment about no studies having been done to compare the long term health of vaccinated verse unvaccinated individuals –there have been studies and I could only imagine that there might be other studies going on that haven’t yet been completed given that for any study of that type they would need to be long term studies (>15-20 years or more) to have any scientific significance. I found the…...

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