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COM/150 Effective Essay Writing

14 August 2011

What characteristics make these essays expository? Art of Cookery This is definitely an expository essay because it is actually listing steps to successful restaurant. The thesis at the beginning of the essay states the reasoning behind why the following steps are needed to create an attractive dining experience. The steps are mostly relating to how the dining area is set up. How to Filet a Fish This expository essay was an informative piece that detailed the parts of fish and how to filet it for food. The essay tells how different fish are cut and prepared. The best part about this essay was that it gives details on whether it is appropriate to filet or steak or cook the fish whole. Identify the type of organization each author used to develop the essay: topic, time order, space order, or informative process. I believe that the “Art of Cookery” essay is a topic essay because it organizes the logical things needed to set up an attractive dining area. It was difficult deciding if this was topic or informative process but since it didn’t seem to list the data in step by step process I felt that topic seemed more accurate. Topic and informative essays seem to me to be similar and may be easily confused. The “How to Filet a Fish” essay is most definitely an Informative essay. The essay tells exactly “how to” decide what cut is appropriate for what type and size. The essay meets all of the criteria to be informative. Any instruction guide should be considered an informative essay. Why do you think each author chose that type of organization for his or her essay? In what ways does this organizational choice make the essay effective? What effect might the author have achieved with another type of organization or another…...

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...Shannon O’Neill 9/2/15 Stephen Whitworth Expository Essay The Adjustment of College the First Year My mom said “You are going to do great, and you are going to experience something I never did.” I knew what she meant by that but even in that moment I still didn’t want to leave. “It is a fresh start and a new chapter to your life,” some people will say, but college was not something I was ready to dive in fully last year. The last talk I had with my dad, I looked out the window just so he would not see me crying. I hate when people see me cry, especially when it comes to my dad, and I definitely did not want him to see me cry. As he drove away I thought about all the times my parents yelled at me and I would think “God they are so damn annoying” but when I realized I was actually on my own, I started to miss that. Adjusting to college life is adapting to a whole new environment and the many changes that come with it: friends, academics, clubs, and sports. When I think about where I was last year and where I am this year, there are many changes that I went through to get here. I wouldn’t say I was deeply depressed, but I will say being away from home and learning everything for myself was an adjustment that I was not 100% happy about. First off I think I should say that every college student goes through a little bit of adjustment to be where they are now. Think about it: you were in high school not too long ago and your parents were waking you up before 7am......

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...“Arabs are an ethnic group and Muslims are a religious group.” Other differences’ between the two are that they hail from different geographical and ancestral backgrounds, and they arrived to the United States at different times.” One policy change that has occurred in the past few years (post 9/11) is that there is a close surveillance of Muslims charity organizations. Another change is that it has been a decrease in the number of visas being given to people coming from Muslims countries (Voices of America News.com, 2006). Orientalism is defining by our text as the simplistic view of the people and history of the Orient with no recognition of change over time or the diversity within its many cultures (Schaefer, 2006). A couple of characteristics of orientalism are that it is an outdated way of looking at Muslim and Arab people without taking into account changes over the years and how they live currently. Also it is a blanket concept that does not look at all of the different cultures within these groups (Schaefer, 2006, p. 286). Orientalism is an ignorant concept and ignorance often leads to meaningless violence hence this uneducated state of mind can directly relate to hate crimes. The best way to promote tolerance and reduce prejudice is by educating people to whom and what Arabs and Muslims really are. Usually, prejudice is caused by a fear of something. If that fear is taken away, by learning about Arabs and Muslims, then there will be no need for prejudice. Another......

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