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Expository Essay Topic: Option 1 Worksheet

If you selected Option 1 for this assignment, complete the following worksheet:

|What general topic have you selected? | |
| | |
| |Education |
|What components, or subtopics, are related to this topic? |History of education |
| |Classroom discipline |
| |Foreign education |
| |Education disparity |
| |Foreign exchange program |
|What particular aspect of this topic interests you most? |Foreign exchange program |
| | |
| | |
|What is your purpose or goal for writing an essay on this topic? | |
| |I would like to explain how it works, the benefits, and the |

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...Expository Essay Final Project Kyle LeBron COM/150 04/23/2012 CARRIE SCHLICHT Expository Essay Final Project John had to use his firearm to protect someone, he walked outside and saw two guys fighting in the street and like a normal person he stopped to see what was going on, at that time one of the guys fell down and in a street fight that is not a good sign, that is when the second guy got on top of him and started slamming his head on the ground. The first blow to the concrete clearly knocked him out and he did not stop slamming his head on the ground. At that time John ran over to them and drew his firearm in fear that anymore blows to the head would kill or cause him serious injury. So I ask you one more time, what would you do? In this paper you are going to learn about how owning and respecting a firearm can be helpful when it comes to protecting your family. As well as some helpful tips to stay safe when you are around a firearm and where you should keep them so everyone is safe in the house hold. Whether you agree with the information that you are about to read it still has some great facts and helpful tips that can keep you save whenever you are around a firearm even if you don’t own one. Gun safety is important because firearms are very dangerous if not treated with the proper respect and care. All it takes is one accident with a fire arm to take someone’s life including your own. The best way to stay safe around a firearm is to make sure that you......

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