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Kalinga-Apayao State College
Bulanao, Tabuk City


Extension Report

1. Program Title : Enhancing the Spreadsheet Applications of Bulo East Elementary School Teachers

2. Head/Leader : Michelle E. Alagoy
3. Implementing Agency
a. Lead Agency : KASC, Department of Information Technology- IEIT
b. Cooperating Agency : Bulo East Elementary School, DepEd Kalinga
c. Project Sites : Bulo East Elementary School
4. Funding Agencies : KASC IEIT, Bulo East Elementary School
5. Duration
a. Date Started : June 7, 2014
b. Date Completed : June 7, 2014
6. Financial Report
a. Total Approved Budget: Php 7,725.00
b. Actual Expenditure: Php 7,725.00

1. Extension Component Title: Enhancing the Spreadsheet Applications of Bulo East Elementary School Teachers
2. Rationale:

Consistent with the mission of the Kalinga-Apayao State College as a catalyst in upgrading its service communities socially, environmentally and economically, the Department of Information Technology of the Institute of Engineering and Information Technology shall undertake programs needed to help transform the schools in the province of Kalinga into highly productive modern academic institutions. This training is in line with the objective of the Adopt-a-School program which is to provide capability-building program aimed to enhance and strengthen the capabilities of teachers and staff.
A spreadsheet is an interactive computer application program for organization and analysis of data in tabular form. The fundamental operations of arithmetic and mathematical functions are among its features and are useful in the daily paper-based chores of a teacher. The spreadsheet application training is

urgently needed by the teachers as shown in the training needs survey conducted on…...

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