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Failing the exams
Cause and Effect Essay

We all experience heartaches. It can be about love, family, shattered dreams, or anything that brought you desolation and disappointment. But as students, one of the unhappiest moment in our lives that brings great heartache not only to ourselves but also to our parents would be receiving a failing mark or flunking the test. Failing in any aspects of life is inevitable because nobody is perfect. Failing in the exams is a different thing. It is avoidable. Students fail in the test because of some certain reasons. Some of the causes of failing an exam are lack of interest in the subject or topic, mental incapability, lack of focus due to stress and personal problems, confusing and difficult subject due to poor teaching techniques, and the top cause which is the most eminent reason, being lazy or procrastinating. Students usually fail the test because they did not study and prepare for it instead they prioritize other unnecessary things such as surfing the net, watching movies, hanging out with friends, or sometimes, they are too lazy to study because they are too confident that they will pass even if they do not study. As a good student, we should learn how to prioritize the things we have to do. Time management and being focus is the key. You should put your heart into it or else there are particular consequences and punishment parallel to all of your actions that will be given by your parents such as grounding you. Failing the exams would also give you lower self-confidence and self degradation that may sometimes lead to suicide because of too much pressure and the feeling of failure and rejection. In the long run, you will have lesser opportunities and lower chances of getting good jobs in the…...

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