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PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVE “I am committed to continually develop and upgrade my knowledge, skills, and character to be well-rounded, clinically proficient, compassionate and responsible nursing care provider, able only to give no less than excellent nursing care and professional expertise.” | |


▪ Registered Nurse, July 2010, Registration No.: 0657816, Philippine Regulations Commission ▪ Basic Life Support, 27-28 February 2012, Philippine National Red Cross-Manila Chapter Intramuros, Manila ▪ Standard First Aid Training, 29 February 2012 – 03 March 2012, Philippine National Red Cross-Manila Chapter, Intramuros, Manila ▪ Intravenous Therapy Training, 17-19 May 2012, Medical Center Manilla | |

SEMINARS ATTENDED: ▪ Psychiatric Nursing Seminar: An Industry of Death, 13 August 2010, St. Louis Review Center-NCR Speaker: Mr. Cris Tabogader III, RN, USRN, MAN ▪ Forensic Nursing Seminar: “Investigation and Documentation”, 01 August 2010, Resource Speaker: PCI Jerico Q. Cordero RN, MD, Global Learning Innovations and Training and Seminars Philippines ▪ Forensic Nursing Seminar: “Care of the Sexually Abused Patient” ”, 01 August 2010, Resource Speaker: PCI Jerico Q. Cordero RN, MD, Global Learning Innovations and Training and Seminars Philippines ▪ Forensic Nursing Seminar:…...

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