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Assignment 1.2 Summary and Personal Response – Revision
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Assignment 1.2 Summary and Personal Response Final Draft
In the essay “Farm Girl” Written by Jessica Hemauer I think one of the main points in the story is the work ethics that are taught at a young age turns to make them successful at life. A family of three girls Jessica who the story is told from her perspective. And Sisters Angie, Melissa and one boy Nick that work on the farm to provide for themselves. They all do chores get up two hours before school and start milking the cows feeding the calves and cleaning up the barn. When there are done with their morning chores and get cleaned up they are rewarded with a hot breakfast. Hemauer, j. Farm Girl While attending school Jessica express a desire to be like the city kids get up an hour before school, attend before and after school functions. She doesn’t tell her friend’s that she has to do all the chores at home and that’s why she doesn’t play basketball or any other sports. Her dad has a family meeting letting them know the farm is growing and more chores will need to be done. Hemauer, j. Farm Girl In eight grade she pleaded with her dad to let her play basketball and he said yes just make sure your chores get done. She quickly became the team’s starting point guard, she was thrilled to be on a team and still kept her word with her father. She did her chores in morning and after basketball, she felt she was starting to have a life. It wasn’t too long after that dad had another family meeting to let them know the farm is even grown more and its time the kids stop helping and he was going to hire some help. She felt it was he’s way of thanking us for all the hard work we have done over the years we were all excited. Hemauer, j. Farm Girl
From the moment on she became more involved in school…...

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...English 1000 with Janie Miller Monday, January 24, 2011 Hemauer's Farm Girl 1.) I think the purpose of Hemauer writing this essay was to remind herself of the time on the farm and share with her audience the things that she learned from it.  She is almost giving a reason for why she turned out the way she did, but she is extremely proud about it.  An older audience might perceive it as a child that actually lifted a hand like they did back in the day, whereas a a majority of the younger audience might not be able to relate to working on the farm. 2.) I think for that exact reason, she is reaching out to the younger audiences.  She is sharing her personal experiences in order for this generation to learn from her generation.  She talks about the stress and pressures of being a kid and "fitting in". 3.) She describes/gives credit through her explanation of everyday chore activities and having to choose the farm work and obligations over something that she would rather be doing, or even thrives to do. 4.) Hemaur's responsibility to her readers is to teach them a lesson.  The lesson is that sometimes you have to do things that you don't want to do.  By showing/ telling her story and/or experiences, she hopes that the audience can use that information in order to make what she considers to be the right decision.   5.) In order to connect with her audience on a much broader subject, Hemauer talks about internal struggles more than physical labor.  She talks about fitting......

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...Farm Girl by Jessica Hemauer was very interesting as well as informative to me. In reading this essay it shows that growing up on the farm for Jessica during her childhood was hard but at the same time a learning experience. This is a great essay for young children to read in order to see the importance of learning responsibility as well as the meaning of working hard. When Jessica starts off the story she begin to tell how she is very tired and would like to stay in the bed just a little longer to get some more rest. But she knows that if she is not up by a certain time that her father would come in to wake her. Little did she know that putting in all those hours doing chores and waking up every morning at the same time, which was around five o’clock it was going to help her with time management later on in life. Even though she loved growing up on the farm and playing with all the animals, there were times when she felt unhappy because in the back of her mind she felt like she was missing out on her childhood and doing things like taking a part in after school activities. She can relate to different audiences because of her age at the time and the amount of responsibility that she had to learn from it. She explains in her essay how she and each of her family members did their chores. She was the youngest of all the kids in the house. REFERENCES Hemauer, J. Farm girl. (p. 83)....

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...“Farm Girl” Michelle Brown Van Hooks ENG 115 May 16, 2013 In reading the essay “Farm Girl” written by Jessica Hemauer, I find that her situation plays a common role in many lives today. Jessica had to give up most of her childhood to help her family with the farm. In doing so when she is finally able to participate in child like activities, she realizes how her hard work on the farm helped build her character. I find the main point of Jessica’s essay is she realizes how all of her hard work made her stand out from her peers. Jessica is describing how she was not fond of waking up early in the morning to help the chores on the farm before having to attend school. As Jessica explains “As we dress…”I hate this!” (pg.83) She wants us to know that her siblings as well hated that they had to participate in the house holdchores. She explains how she was never able to participate in any school activities with her friends. She also explains how depressing her conversations would be at lunch because she wasn’t relevant to the conversations. After years of sacrifice and pleading with her parents, they finally allowed her to join the basketball team as long as she continued to help with the chores around the house. Now Jessica has to manage her life as a farm girl and her new life as a kid. She continues to work on the farm and play basketball up until her freshman year. Her father is expanding the farm and he leaves it up to the children to decide if they want to......

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...Reflective Journal 1 Brenda Small Professor Debora Aubuchon English 115 The essay I read was Farm Girl, by Jessica Hemauer. In this essay Jessica explained her life as a young farm girl, and how this helped her as she older. She talked about how much more mature she was than others in her class in high school. She explained how she had better time management skills, when she obtained a job outside of her fathers farm. She expressed how her fathers farm helped her gain these skills (Hemauer’s .J.2011). She also elaborated on being held back as a child from experiencing things that other children her age did made her stand out, and seem different from other as she got older. She expressed how in some ways being held back help her achieve great task as an adult, but in others she did not fit in. As Jessica grew up on her fathers farm she had to wake up at five oclock in the morning. This was a hard task that Jessica and her siblings did not like to do, but did not have a choice in the matter. She did farm chorus such as milking the calves, and helped her siblings clean out stables. After she completed her chorus on the farm she cleaned up, ate breakfast, and caught the school bus by eight-thirty. The other children that attended school with her only got out of bed an hour before school started (Hemauer’s. J. 2011). I feel the writers purpose was to express what made her more self sufficient in handling her everyday life with jobs, and other activities,......

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...| Farm Girl | Assignment 1.1 Summary and Personal Response | | | | The essay that I’ve chosen to write about is “Farm Girl” by Jessica Hemauer. The author’s most important point is how she can’t have the same life as her friends. Since she’s a farm girl, she has to make that a priority in her life. Regular students make their social lives their main focus. For Jessica, doing her farm chores is more important than extracurricular activities in school. Although she’d rather play a sport or join a club; milking cows comes first in her life. “I hate this!” (Roen, Glau, & Maid, 2011, p. 83). Jessica doesn’t like being a farm girl. That statement is said by all the siblings every morning on the way to put on clothes. Jessica states, “It seems our daily lives operate in shifts, not like a real family,” (Roen, Glau, & Maid, 2011 p. 84). Jessica and her siblings wake up five hours before school to do chores, while other students wake up one hour earlier. Jessica hates being at lunch because she can never engage in conversations with her peers because it’s always about clubs before school and sports after. At some point in Jessica’s life she has a turnaround of events in her favor. “In eighth grade …I become the basketball team’s starting point guard,” (Roen, Glau, & Maid, 2011 p. 85). Jessica finally gets what she has been asking for. She becomes the point guard on her basketball team. It proved difficult because it took a great deal of her time to......

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...A Short Summary of “Farm Girl” by Hamauer Ruth Embaye Professor Michael Gueltig January 19, 2012 “Farm Girl” by Hamaeur Jessica Hamaeur wrote ‘Farm Girl’ as a form of her life history. Through the story, she describes how her siblings and she grew up on the farm. The reader gets to understand that the children were brought up by parents who had an eye for responsibility. Through the roles that the children had to play each day before and after school, the reader learns that the children were trained to be responsible at an early age; from primary school through to college (Hamaeur, n.d). From the essay, it can be inferred that the author aims at advising the parents on how to bring up their children as responsible adults. To achieve this, the author compares her life with those of her peers and brings out the contrast. The author had nothing to discuss with the kids since they could only talk of petty issues. In the long run, Jessica always stood out from her peers since she was more responsible and more mature (Hamaeur, n.d). The essay can be classified as a form of biography, since it gives the life history of the author. The audience runs across a range, but it can be most fit for parents, advising them on how to practice proper parenting skills. The tone of the story is somehow satirical, making the reader feel as if the author and her siblings were being exposed to child labor by their parents. It is only at the end of the story that the reader......

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...Summary of Farm Girl Anderson Jude ENG 115 Professor Chris Swindell Strayer University October 23rd, 2013 The short story Farm Girl is an in depth look at life through the eyes of a young girl growing up with her family on a farm. Throughout this non-fiction story the author Jessica Hemauer, does an amazing job of describing her surroundings to pull the reader in and make them feel like they are there with her. She begins as a younger girl describing how difficult it is for a child to awake from a deep slumber, and immediately get to work doing jobs some grown men would cringe at. “Cleaning out various huts and pens and laying down fresh straw are part of our daily duties” (Hemauer, 2011 p. 84). She continues by explaining how this is the worst of the jobs she and her siblings endure, and how the dust makes it difficult for them to breathe, but they all know there is no use in complaining because it has to be done (Hemauer, 2011). She continues her story into her teenage years describing vividly the life and struggles of a teenage girl, especially one with so many responsibilities and restrictions. While in eighth grade she describes to the reader how unusual her life is in comparison to her classmates, and how she dislikes not being able to participate in extracurricular activities. However, she finally does get the chance to be normal as she defines it. “In eighth grade I really want to play basketball, and after begging and pleading with my parents, they finally......

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...In Jessica Hemauer’s memoir “Farm Girl,” time management is her most important point. As she describes her experience as a farm girl from childhood to adulthood, she invites us to feel the difficulty that she had to face, accepting her duties and responsibilities, and find what she has become as an adult. Through her captions in different phases of her life, she let us feel the turmoil of growing up—reflecting all that she has been through in the genre of personal essay. Recalling at ten years old, Hemauer jots down all the duties given to her. Starting her day very early at 5:00 am with her siblings, even “in the bitter cold’ they had to quickly get out of bed, doing all their chores on hundreds of cows, including feeding all the calves, and “sanitize the milking machines” on the farm by 7:30 am, so that they can be in school by 8:30 am. By eighth grade, she remembers more duties and responsibilities come with age. She recognizes that it is important to work as a team: “We all work together—that’s critical.” She has learned that time management is structure for her when she is young. That all she has to do is follow the time line without much thoughts or protest—quickly get out of bed, go to bathroom, get ready to head out to the cows, feed the calves, clean the milking machines. But by the 8th grade, she has to manage and to balance her own duties at home and at school before she can enjoy to do what she likes to do, like hanging out with her friends or......

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...Farm Girl by Jessica Hemauer David Smith ENG115 Charles P. Bretan January 13, 2016 “Farm Girl" Hemauer composed this article since she needed peruses to peruse about what her life was similar to experiencing childhood with a ranch, and how she needed to oversee and assume the responsibility for her distinctive way of life that no different children had encountered. Regardless of on the off chance that she was the "ranch young lady," or the girl that was in school exercises, she was continually diverse, however, knew how to deal with her time carefully without being focused. The fundamental reason, as I would like to think, was to provide for others what she needed to encounter, and that was learning obligation and time administration. Distinctive gatherings of people might see diverse purposes relying upon what intrigues them more about the article. A few individuals might be keener on her homestead life, and others might be more centered around her school life, and after that pick what the design depends on all alone entertainments. Likewise, special gatherings of people could incorporate the individuals who deal with their time well versus the individuals who don't, and the individuals who are mindful and reckless. I imagine that her group of onlookers is for individuals who have issues with time administration, and only demonstrating that it’s conceivable to be included and buckle down, however how you deal with your time and getting to be dependable is......

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...Farm girl” by Hemauer 1. Identify the source (writer and title of essay) and state his or her most important point in your own words. 2.Summarize the other main points and their supporting details in separate paragraphs. 3.Discuss the (1) writer’s purpose, (2) genre, (3) audience, and (4) tone (attitude). Purpose: Why did Hemauer write this essay? How might different audiences see different purposes? I think Hermauer wrote this essay to share her experience about working on her family’s farm, and how being brought up with chores and responsibilities made her successful in managing her time and and being involved in her student body. Different audiences could relate to her age, social experiences and responsibilities. For example, someone who’s familiar with the duties of farm life might find the purpose of the essay to be about how farm life teaches you the importance of responsibility. Context, format and genre: Hemauer has written a personal essay. When writing in this genre, writers try to relate their own personal experiences to much broader, general human experiences. How has Hemauer used her personal remembrances of growing up on a dairy farm to help her readers, whose own lives may have been very different from that of a midwestern farm girl, relate to the essay? Hermauer uses her personal experiences to portray emotions on a broader scale, both positive and negative. She humanizes the codependency of humanity by being a part of her family’s business....

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...This is a story about a girl named Jessica Hemauer who is trying to fit in with the other kids in her school. Being that she comes from a farm she has more responsibilities before and after school and she is not able to participate in school activities or other activities that the other kids have the opportunity to do. She wants to be involved with school activities like basketball and different clubs because this way she feels that she will fit in with everyone else. On the farm, Jessica gets up at 5 am with her two sisters, Angie and Melissa and her brother, Nick, so they can help their father with the morning chores. No matter what else is going on with her or her family they still have to get up early in the morning and take care of the farm. When they get up in the mornings they go about their usual routine of washing their faces, brushing their teeth an as she says quote “taking turns on the white porcelain throne.” Then they proceed to the basement, where their mother makes it a rule that they keep their outside clothes, so they will not stink up the house. They get dressed and go to the barn. On this particular day there is a brisk and bitter wind accompanied by icy snowflakes that feel like needles digging into their faces. When they get to the barn, Nick goes to help his father herd the cows and get them into the stalls to be milked. Jessica and her sisters go and sanitize the milking machines, prepare the milking equipment, and set up a station with......

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