Fashion Exploitation: the Female Form

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Fashion exploitation: The Female Form
Why is it in recent years the naked female body has been exploited to sell clothing and products, and ultimately being the face of a brand? Is it becoming too close to pornography or is it acceptable in this modern day?

In this dissertation I am going to explore the use of the naked female body and how it can be perceived as being ‘exploited’ in a pornographic way within the fashion world. Although the perception towards erotic and pornographic imagery in the media has changed drastically in the last 50 years since the sexual revolution, there are still different views on the use of it to sell and promote a product or brand. I will look into how Christianity sexualised the naked body, fetish influences to the fashion scene and how designers and fashion photographers have used the naked form. To begin with I will look into the definitions and meanings of some of the key terms in this dissertation such as pornography, erotica, nude and naked so I can relate the correct meanings to points in my argument.
‘Pornography is printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement’ (Oxford Dictionary) we could compare this to modern advertisements for certain brands. Some people may say fashion advertisement and clothing is getting close to pornography as an overstatement, but in fact when you compare it to the definition of pornography it may not even come close. As I’m sure the brand has not intended for its viewers to become aroused from their work. However the term pornification may be more relevant to my previous point as the growing use of iconic pornography has become stylish as it has been taken up in recent fashion trends and advertisement, ‘the increasing occurrence and acceptance of sexual themes and explicit imagery in popular or…...

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