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Fashion History

Final Project

The Romantic Period

While music and art from the Classical period was based on reason, order and rules, music and other art from the Romantic period was based on emotion, adventure and imagination. The Romantic period was a time of political revolution and new ways of looking at the world. Instead of working for wealthy bosses, composers were for the first time able to work for themselves. They composed music to express what they were thinking and feeling- unlike during earlier days, when they were only allowed to compose exactly what their employer wanted. During the Romantic period, there was a new appreciation of the artist as an individual- someone who had feelings, which were expressed through their creations.

Romanticism was a form of rebellion against restrictions on artistic expression. The artists or the writers should express their innermost feelings in any form they chose. Romanticism had a new set of values: the innermost emotions should be fully expressed. Art should please the senses. Imagination was more important than reason.

After the Napoleonic wars became a memory, French fashion was dominated by a new wave of Anglomania. The British writings of Sir Walter Scott and Lord Byron helped popularize a thirst for a more romantic image. There was a snobbish attraction on the continent for all things English, cultivated and refined. Beau Brummell had codified many of the attitudes toward the ‘Art Of Dress’ in his relationship with the Prince Regent. The rules and refinements of manners set at that time were built on and developed by the middle classes of Europe who sought to gentrify themselves.

Women’s social roles and clothing styles

With industrialization and the growing movement of…...

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