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MARK203: Market Research

Assignment 1

James Richard

20 August 2013


This model answer of the report DOES NOT CONTAIN factual matter, but describes the type of information that would be expected from independent secondary research, and the correct use of the Decision Tree.

The interview guide can be considered appropriate, but may not be complete.

Tutorial Group 3
Susan Sun
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Introduction and background
Emily and Ryan, undergraduates at VUW believe there must be a better way to meet people and plan activities, such as dates, and social events. They have noticed a possible opportunity in this area for people like them at university that Facebook and other SNS have not addressed directly. They particularly liked the idea of only targeting tertiary students in order to attract singles looking for a more defined friendship and dating network. They were also attracted to a mobile application for smart phones that could be used to set up events and activities on the go. In addition to allowing subscribers to connect and meet new people with common interests, the service (application) would help coordinate and plan group and personal events. This service would also provide planned structured events (e.g., week-long vacations, cycling or tramping trips) and personal services, such as body guards and background checks for personal dates.
Secondary research summary
The secondary research provided insight to the problem and context. In the New Zealand tertiary education sector there are eight universities, 22…...

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