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EN 150: Introduction to Literature Course Syllabus- Online 2012 Instructor: Email: David Hansen hansend@baycollege.edu Phone: (906) 458-4184


Literature to Go: Michael Meyer. Bedford/St. Martin's Press Wee Free Men : Terry Pratchett (No specific edition/ MUST be complete and unabridged)

CLASS MEETING DAYS AND TIMES: You will be expected to log in Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. You will find the week’s work ready for you. ALL POSTINGS AND ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE DUE NO LATER THEN NOON OF THE NEXT CLASS PERIOD! Since much of your work is based on responding to the ideas of others this is to ensure you have the chance to finish up as quickly as possible. For full details please see the handouts: Discussion Board Requirements, Blog Requirements and Weekly Responses Requirements. COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class is an introductory survey of literature with the purpose of exposing students to a wide variety of short stories, poems, plays and a novel. Students will learn the tools to help them more deeply enjoy their reading experiences by looking at character studies, imagery, metaphors, allusions, symbolism and other fancy terms. In other words, we're going to read some fun stories. COURSE OBJECTIVES: By the end of this course, students will: • become familiar with a wide variety of works of literature; • to able to read with confidence; • expand their vocabulary; • be able to interpret literary works on a deeper level; • to be able to express their ideas and opinions on the works they read; and • will be able to able to make real world connections between what they read in class and what is important to them.. LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate: • the ability to more deeply understand the conventions of writing • the ability to discern important information from texts • the confidence to voice…...

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