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FEED Resource Recovery (the “Company”) is a company incorporated in the state of Massachusetts and currently has 20,000 ordinary shares issued which are held by the Founders Shane Etan, who holds 16,000 shares, and Ryan Begin who holds the remaining 4,000 shares. The Company desires to authorize the issue of 206,612 shares of Series A Preferred Stock to the investors, Group One Investment Company (the “Investors”), on the terms and conditions as set forth below:


Amount of Financing…………..………. US$250,000

Securities……………………….………. 206,612 Convertible Cumulative Preference shares (“Series A Preferred”)

Price…………………………….………. US$1.21 per share (US$266,200) pre-financing valuation, assuming a founders stock pool of 20,000 which will be split at a ratio of 1:11 prior to the Investors making the investment in the Company. After stock split and prior to financing, the Founders will hold 220,000 ordinary shares.)

Investors……………………….….……. Group One Investment Company

Terms of Series A Preferred:

Dividend Rights Holders of Series A Preferred will be entitled to an accrued (but not compounded) cumulative dividend of US$0.121 per share. Dividends will be paid when declared by the board and will be paid in full prior to any dividends to ordinary shareholders.

Purpose of Funding

The purpose of this financing is to act as seed funding for the research and development of a prototype FEED R2 system (the “Prototype”) to confirm the compact onsite waste conversion concept. The funds will be used as follows:
|Components of Digester |US$150,000 |
|Engineering Salaries |US$75,000 |
|Other/Miscellaneous |US$25,000…...

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