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The Writing Process Draft 1 Writing is a skill that is acquired through the process of working hard. The procedures of the writing process vary from the writer itself to the type of task. Even though the writing process is tiring: prewriting, writing, and revising are all beneficial on having a great paper. Pre-writing is like a little kid figuring out what he wants to eat, they are constantly changing their mind. Prewriting consists of four different steps generating ideas, establish a purpose, identifying an audience, and putting your ideas in order. When prewriting I first generate ideas that include research, reading, or simply other people’s ideas and I just jot them down. Then I establish a purpose (if not given) in which my essay will revolve and, I make sure that the purpose goes with the generated ideas. Third I identify the audience that one must always keep in mind. Before putting my ideas together I must first take a ten minute break or else I will over think myself, once I feel refreshed I will organize my ideas in the sequence that I want making sure that they do not overlap. In Shitty First Drafts by Anne Lamott… After I feel confident in my pre-writing the official writing process begins.
Writing is like cooking, there are many correct ways to do it and it just depends on the persona. My writing process consists on creating body paragraphs that match to my prewriting creating introductory and concluding paragraphs, and making sure that my audience is still in my mind. I must also take constant breaks to keep myself from over thinking myself, during these breaks I go outside, eat a snack, or even clean. But there are people like Indra Curiel who first must be able to write freely without stopping and then from there choose her ideas, sentences, and paragraphs that best explain her main concept and after she has that she writes her introductions…...

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...Chapter I THE FUNCTIONAL ASPECT OF SPEECH SOUNDS This chapter is concerned with the linguistic function of speech sounds, i. e. “segments of speech”. We are going to discuss here the definitions of the phoneme, methods used in establishing the phonemic structure of a language, the system of English phonemes, modifications of sounds in connected speech. 1.1. The Phoneme 17 1.1. The Phoneme 1.1.1. The definition of the phoneme To know how sounds are produced by speech organs it is not enough to describe and classify them as language units. When we talk about the sounds of a language, the term “sound” can be interpreted in two rather different ways. In the first place, we can say that [t] and [d] are two different sounds in English, [t] being fortis and [d] being lenis1 and we can illustrate this by showing how they contrast with each other to make a difference of meaning in a large number of pairs, such as tie – die, seat – seed, etc. But on the other hand if we listen carefully to the [t] in let us and compare it with the [t] in let them we can hear that the two sounds are also not the same, the [t] of let us is alveolar, while the [t] of let them is dental. In both examples the sounds differ in one articulatory feature only; in the second case the difference between the sounds has functionally no significance. It is perfectly clear that the sense of “sound” in these two cases is different. To avoid this ambiguity, the linguist uses two separate terms: “phoneme” is...

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