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Montresor: Criminal or Hero? “Amontillado” a type of sherry wine that cost a man his life and all because he had a deceptive friend who fools him into thinking he needed some wine tasted. Edgar Allen Poe uses many types of literary devices in his writing to give his readers an enjoyable story to read. One of the devices is double entendre. One of the finest examples of this writing technique is in Edger Allan Poe’s “Cask of Amontillado”. In Poe’s short story we meet the interesting character of Montresor, a rich man who is out for revenge. Revenge most people would not even consider worth killing someone over. Not only does he have this revenge, Montresor is not much of a man for he does not want to fight this battle fairly. Actually, he is a two-faced person who is friendly and caring to Fortunato’s face while planning on killing him the entire time. During this story Montresor sometimes speaks using a double entendre. A double entendre is when you say one thing but mean something altogether different. When one realizes this it makes it hard to understand and causes one to wonder if Montresor can be trusted as a narrator. Edger Allan Poe’s use of this literary device makes one wonder if the reader can really trust what Montresor has to say, an if he is a reliable narrator or not. The act of getting revenge on someone is one of the oldest actions taken throughout the history of mankind. Revenge is harming somebody who harmed you generally it is something similar. Getting someone to trust one enough to come back to your place take some skill along with some deception. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, this is not the case here though. Montrssor got embarrassed and for being embarrassed he finds the need to kill the one who embarrassed him, Fortunado. This is no different from Montresor’s loathing…...

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