Financial Reporting and Analysis

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Financial Reporting and Analysis

Course Objectives:

The course focuses on basic techniques of Financial Accounting. It has been designed to enable the students to prepare, comprehend and analyze corporate financial statements. The course is designed to provide an understanding of the role and relevance of accounting function in an organization and also the basic concepts, techniques and methodologies relevant to accounting function. Course coverage includes: Preparation, understanding of financial statements including Cash Flow statements of Corporate Organizations, Accounting of Property Plant and Equipment, and Analysis of Published Annual Reports with respect to various financial ratios. Current Developments like New Schedule VI has been incorporated in the course structure. This course, therefore, endeavors to develop students with the following specific objectives 1. To develop an understanding of the nature of accounting and its role in business decision-making. 2. To prepare, comprehend and analyze financial statements demonstrating both technical and analytical capabilities. 3. To develop a working knowledge of using Annual Reports. 4. To demonstrate techno-savvy capabilities to manage integrated environments.

The course shall be delivered essentially through a fusion of lectures, exercises, and by discussing real life financial statements to develop student’s ability to read and analyze them. Total 20 sessions of 1 hr 15 minutes each would be conducted Students are encouraged to interact with the faculty during the entire duration of course delivery and particularly during analyzing situations.

Course Requirements
i. Since much of the course material requires class discussion, it is important that you are prepared for the class and present and defend your ideas. Preparation for class includes having read the assigned material. The…...

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