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Target vs JC Penny
Financial Statements

Salencia Johnson
Finance 350

The two companies that I will compare are Target and JC Penny. When most people think of target they think of a large retail store where you are able to purchase a variety of things anywhere from home goods and décor, clothing for your family to groceries at a discounted rate. All of those things are true however those are not the only things that generate revenue for the company. Target also has a credit card segment which offers credit cards to qualified guest through their branded proprietary credit cards, the target visa and the target card. Additionally they offer a proprietary branded Target debit card. Together those different cards create a bond between the guests driving sales and contribute to the results of operations.
Target’s key to their ongoing success is effective inventory management. Target utilizes various techniques such as demand forecasting and planning and various forms of replenishment management. Target achieves effective inventory management by being in-stock in core product offerings, maintaining a positive vending relationships and carefully planning inventory levels for seasonal and apparel items to minimize markdowns.
In the retail segment target’s competition is with traditional and off-price general merchandise retailers, internet retailers, wholesale clubs, category specific retailers, drug stores, supermarkets and other forms of retail commerce. JC Penny is one of the retailers who offer similar product as target.
JC Penny sells merchandise and services through their department stores and through their internet website as well. In the past, when people went into JC Penny, normally you would only be able to purchase apparel for ladies, men, and children. However over the years that has changed. JC Penny still sells that type of…...

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