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Business Model Generation Canvas
In order to create a successful business model three related facets have to be explored, the way of thinking, operational system and capacity for value generation. The business model canvas takes into account these three facets and creates an overall business model for the organization (Charharbaghi, Fendt, & Willis, 2003). To translate the ideas into a business there must be an operational system to produce and sustain the goals of the business model. The interaction of what people are thinking into an operating system enables the business to create value (Charharbaghi, Fendt, & Willis, 2003). There are numerous plans and strategies in which organizations plan to create value. The business model canvas created by Osterwalder and Pigneur is a versatile framework which enables the user to interact with ideas and create value. The canvas is separated into nine categories they are customer segments, customer relationships, channels, value proposition, key activities, key resources, key partners, cost structure, and revenue streams (Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2013). Osterwalder and Pigneur state in their book Business Model Generation “A business model describes the rationale of how any organization creates, delivers, and captures value” (Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2013). The business canvas enables the organization the opportunity to brainstorm ideas relevant to the specific segments of the canvas. This enables the way of thinking as a team to be displayed and business decisions to be made (Leschke, 2013). The canvas segments are divided to allow each area of the business to be represented and decisions to be made to enable the best possible outcome. Customer segments, customer relationships and the channels sections will determine what customers are the true target market, what type of relationship the company will maintain and…...

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...BlackBerry Bold 9700 Inhoudsopgave • Productvoorstelling • Osterwalder canvas 1 Productvoorstelling • BlackBerry = smartphone • RIM = Research In Motion (1984, Canada) • Introductie BlackBerry Bold 9700: 2009 • Opvolger van BlackBerry Bold 9000 • Voorloper van BlackBerry Bold 9780 (reeds beschikbaar) en Bold 9900 en 9930 (beschikbaar in zomer ’11) 2 • ‘Bold’ (stoutmoedig/’vet’) verwijst naar scherm dat zo omschreven werd tijdens de testfase • BlackBerry Bold familie = één van de langst lopende productlijn van RIM • Kenmerken: BlackBerry 6 OS (recenste model) QWERTY/AZERTY toetsenbord Ingebouwde GPS & Wi-Fi Digitale camera Hoge-resolutie scherm Ondersteuning voor hoge snelheidsnetwerk • Prijs BBB 9700 zonder abonnement: ca. €400 3 Osterwalder canvas 4 Customer segments • Enterprise markt: IT oplossingen • Prosumer markt: zakelijk & persoonlijk gebruik • Consumer markt: persoonlijk gebruik 5 Value Proposition • Innovatie: business integratie • Performantie: productiviteit , orderverwerking , etc. • Personalisering: business en persoonlijke aanpassing • Risicoreductie: hoge beveiliging van bedrijfsgegevens • Kostenreductie: factuurcyclus , etc. • Toegankelijkheid: directe verbinding & toegang • Gebruiksgemak: eenvoudige bediening  Blackberry wireless solutions • Merk: Blackberry = business 6 Customer Relationships • • • • Persoonlijke assistentie Zelfservice via website ondersteuning Communities: BlackBerry forum......

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...SUMMARY OF FINDINGS 1. In this survey maximum respondents are from the age group of (23-35) women in this age prefer to invest on jewellery either for themselves or their children 2. It was observed that majority of the respondents belong to the female gender. Females will have knowledge about designs and different types of jewellery. 3. It is observed that majority of respondents purchase jewellery for investment purpose. As gold is increasing day by day people are getting more secure for their future 4. 39% of respondents fell that the jewellery market in Bangalore is average as every second month there is a new jewellery shop entering into the market 5. Purchase of jewellery is made randomly and marriages time as marriages happen giving gold to the daughter is going on and as price of gold increasing day by day people buying as a security 6. As the research is done in south people are mainly interested to buy south Indian jewellery.53% of respondent have purchased south Indian jewellery 7. The quality of gold available in bangalore is pure as 92% respondent have agreed they get pure gold in bangalore 8. Exhibitions have helped the Bangalore jewellery market to grow with new players like reliance etc entering the market 9. Jewellery trend in Bangalore is all mix traditional, antique, modern etc. 10. Respondents come to know about the store trough exhibitions or walk-in.33% respondent come to know about the store through and......

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