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a) This commandment summons man to believe in God
- Man must hope that God will give him the capacity to love Him in return and to act in conformity with the commandments of charity
b) Despair and presumption are sins against hope
- Man ceases to hope for his personal salvation from God
- Man believes that he can save himself without help from God
- Hopes to obtain forgiveness without conversion and glory without merit

a) Liberating truth frees us from slavery to an idolatry of the world
b) Reconciling truth
- God frees us from slavery and consumption to the glorious freedom as God’s children. (yung sa slavery- ex: temptations, etc.)
c) Loving truth
- The one God has no rival, so we may love him with our whole heart, completely and above all

3. Duty of prayer and worship
- Jesus’ answered satan’s final temptation: “you shall do home to the Lord your God; Him alone shall you adore”
a) Adoration
-it is man’s first attitude of acknowledge
-it raises the greatness of the Lord
-it is the homage of the spirit to the KING OF GLORY
-it is the respectful silence in the presence of the ever greater God
-blends with humility and gives assurances to our supplication

b) Prayer
- It is the rising of the heart and mind to God, whether done mentally, vocally, individually, collectively or in public
- Talking and listening to God

c) Prohibitions
- Wealth, honor, success, power, sex, drugs, nation, race become the objective of worship
II. Magic, sorcery, witchcraft, Satanism, astrology, fortune telling, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance and recourse
- Way of seeking to manipulate events for self-interest
- Discover hidden knowledge by means aliens to God

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