First Person Shooter Games in Real Life

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First person Shooter Games

First Person Shooter Games in Real Life
Jason Campbell
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First Person Shooter Games in Real Life

Shooter games have been around since man made the first projectile weapons, and his children tried to emulate the hunt. From running around with sticks, pretending to shoot the other kids, to the more evolved forms we have today. Today there are a variety of these types of games, though mainly these games are found on entertainment consoles. To experience these types of games for yourself in real life, without the controller, there are two to choose from, Airsoft or Paintball, and while similar, have many key differences, such as equipment used, projectiles, and game formats.

Airsoft and paintball both have very similar game formats, and type of equipment used. Paintball utilizes a weapon called a “marker” to propel a paint filled gelatin shell ball using compressed air or CO2, while an airsoft weapon, called a “replica”, uses battery power to fire a 6mm plastic BB from a very realistic looking weapon. Projectiles fired from the paintball marker are used to hit the other players and mark them with paint, and when they are hit, they are out of that current game by being called “dead”. The same goes with airsoft as well, but as there is no paint, it relies on the “honor system” or to call out when you have been hit. The team that still has players considered “alive” capture said flag, and return it to their base and call victory. Being a shooter based game, the object is to eliminate the other teams players and capture a flag placed somewhere on the field. This is repeated numerous times all day, or until everyone is tired and ready to go home.

No matter how similar the games of airsoft and paintball are, there are many differences.…...

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