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Preparation List
1. Show Compassion- knowing that every child is different.
2. Stay Positive and don't show defeat during a class or that you are irritated by a student’s behavior.
3. Listen and build a relationship with your students and faculty.
4. Always go the distance for yourself, your school, your coworkers and your students.
5. Always be willing to work with coworkers and share ideas that will help yourself as well as students.
6. It is not just your class, the school is a whole and everyone matters.
7. Become aware of the community in which you are teaching in this has a bigger impact on the class than you think.
8. Get to know your students' needs as a class, and as individuals.
9. Take care of yourself- don't let your work become your only life.
10. Pay attention to the time that you allow a student to answer a question that you ask.
11. Reset and reteach- meaning if you teach a procedure in a classroom and if it doesn't work over time then create a new procedure and reteach it so it may work.
12. Take Risks.
13. Always be open to different learning techniques, resources and materials. All students learn differently and some lessons may require more than one resource.
14. Take time to go over rules and what is expected.
15. Find out what you want to be expected of your students.
16. Only discuss discipline issues with the ones that need to hear it.
17. Never tolerate bullying, name calling or violence. (Zero tolerance)
18. Always have routines set in place for daily routines such as roll call, bathroom breaks, nap time and snack. (Some of these routines are based on grade level).
19. Always be aware of school policies and expectations as well as areas that need to improve in order to give the students in your class the best possible chance for success.
20. Always post a classroom schedule, classroom expectations and important…...

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