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A case starts the moment the call is received. In many cases there is evidence or clues on the call itself. One of the things you can get from the call is a description of the incident, suspect information, and other various clues and information. Then when you get on scene your real investigation will begin. You may or may not have real life suspects or victims on scene. Once you get on scene you have to start processing information and the scene itself. You never know what clues you will get when you show up on scene.

There are different types of evidence to collect when you process a scene. There is trace evidence, which includes hairs, fibers, glass and soil. The second is impression evidence, which includes fingerprints left on objects, and also palms, tires and cloth. The next kind of evidence is biological to include blood, teeth and skeletal remains. The fourth kind of evidence is firearms and weapons including the guns and ammunition. The last is probably the one that most people forget or disregard, are documents to include contracts, currency, passports, and other documents.

In the case that was presented on page 126 there was a lot of evidence to be processed. The call originated as a disturbance from neighbors. The officers arrived and discovered a very disrupted house. From the pictures, there were obvious signs of a struggle with in the residence. So the description stated that when the officer arrived no one was at the scene. The officer of course would have secured the residence and searched for any potentially injured victims, spoken to neighbors and possibly put out a bolo for their vehicle if it was missing. In the pictures that the book shows there were definitely things that would have needed to be processed especially since they found blood. Figure 4.55 and 4.56 shows the house and how it…...

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