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Flow Chart for Process
Christie Losch
OPS 571
January 21, 2011
John Sobel

Flow Chart for Process

A person that wakes up each morning and hits the ground running and I have so much in common. On a daily basis I look for ways to improve my time management. Each and every day I wake up at the break of dawn and prepare my day for a long and strenuous workdayand not to mention my second job as a single-parent. The responsibility that lies on my shoulders is tough and can be overwhelming. I have chosen to design a flow chart to outline my routine in the evenings after work until bedtime. The time spent in traffic getting home, time spent doing homework, and cooking and are factors that can be shortened in my routine. The process flow of the routine begins with getting from work and driving home . My commute to and from work has many obstacles as it relates to traffic during those times. My work schedule cannot be manipulated for ease in the morning or the afternoon. Once my kids are picked up from school and we reach home then the process gets a little bit more stringent. Homework for a small child in elementary school is tough on them and the parents. The next step comes cooking, and then putting food after dinner, cleaning the kitchen can take some time. [have not included end of the process flow – getting ready to bed] The metric is time in this flow chart. I wish there was some way that the time spent doing homework, cooking and getting home in the traffic could be less. Once these steps have all been taken then I can retire for night after a few hours of my evening…...

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