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Flowcharts: A graphical tool that diagrammatically depicts the steps and structure of an algorithm or program
Process / Operation Symbols Symbol | Name
(alias) | Description | | Process | Show a Process or action step. This is the most common symbol in both process flowcharts and process maps. | | Predefined Process
(Subroutine) | A Predefined Process symbol is a marker for another process step or series of process flow steps that are formally defined elsewhere. This shape commonly depicts sub-processes (or subroutines in programming flowcharts). If the sub-process is considered "known" but not actually defined in a process procedure, work instruction, or some other process flowchart or documentation, then it is best not to use this symbol since it implies a formally defined process. | | Alternate Process | As the shape name suggests, this flowchart symbol is used when the process flow step is an alternate to the normal process step. Flow lines into an alternate process flow step are typically dashed. | | Delay | The Delay flowchart symbol depicts any waiting period that is part of a process. Delay shapes are common in process mapping. | | Preparation | As the names states, any process step that is a Preparation process flow step, such as a set-up operation. | | Manual Operation | Manual Operations flowchart shapes show which process steps are not automated. In data processing flowcharts, this data flow shape indicates a looping operation along with a loop limit symbol (which is not supported by Microsoft Office, but a Manual Operation symbol rotated 180° will do the trick.) |
Branching and Control of Flow Symbols Symbol | Name
(alias) | Description | | Flow Line
(Arrow, Connector) | Flow line connectors show the direction that the process flows. | | Terminator
(Terminal Point, Oval) | Terminators…...

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