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1. Describe the manufacturing processes used that transform the raw materials into the manufactured food product:

The process of mixing is used to evenly distribute ingredients and transforms the ingredients into dough. Within a factory setting that is creating Chocolate Chip Cookies, all the ingredients are poured into an industrial sized mixing machine that is set to mix all the ingredients together until the dough is complete.

When freezing a product, the slower the rate of freezing, the larger the ice crystals form. This is why it is desirable to have the most rapid rate of freezing. Chocolate chip cookies that are being distributed to food service customers (e.g. restaurants and hotels) are frozen. They are put into a freeze tunnel and then flash frozen to prevent the formation of ice crystals. Freezing also stops enzymes growing and reproducing, making them retarded. While they are stoped, they are not destroyed.

The type of equipment used to heat the raw material depends on the nature of the raw materials and the intensity of the heat treatment. The chocolate chip cookies that are being distributed to supermarkets and large scale shops as a finished product need to be cooked inside the factory. The factory uses radiant heat in an oven, in particular, the tunnel oven. The tunnel oven is the most commonly used type of oven within the factory setting. The baking chamber is over 100 meters long and is narrow and shallow. Heat is also used to destroy the enzymes in the food product.

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