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Strategies, analysis, and news for FX traders

February 2013 Volume 10, No. 2

Dollar index challenging support: Tendencies after breakdowns p. 14 Q&A: Garen Ovsepyan of Sharpe+Signa p. 24 Currency-stock correlations: More (or less) than meets the eye p. 18 The S&P and the Euro p. 10


Contributors .................................................4 Global Markets Winds of change blowing in Japan ...........6 But what will they usher in? As economists debate the BOJ’s recent announcement regarding monetary policy, traders gauge the yen’s ability to sustain its trend. By Currency Trader Staff On the Money Bad vibrations .......................................... 10 A pullback in the S&P could be Euro negative — if we don’t expect it. By Barbara Rockefeller Spot Check U.S. dollar index ...................................... 14 The dollar is sniffing around support early in 2013. The question, as always, is, how low can it go? By Currency Trader Staff Advanced Concepts State-dependence of currency-equity correlations .................. 18 The past is not necessarily prologue when it comes to the relationship between currencies and stocks. By Howard L. Simons

Q&A Garen Ovsepyan ...................................... 24 Money management firm Sharpe+Signa taps FX potential. By Currency Trader Staff Global Economic Calendar ........................ 26 Important dates for currency traders. Currency Futures Snapshot ................. 27 BarclayHedge Rankings........................ 27 Top-ranked managed money programs International Markets ............................ 28 Numbers from the global forex, stock, and interest-rate markets.

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