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MUTHUKUMAR, S. (Reg. No. 35080344)

Under the guidance of

Mr. Manikandan Assistant Professor (Sr.G.)



This is to certify that this project report entitled “A Study on Forex Risk Management in Indian Overseas Bank “ is a Bonafide work done by Mr. Muthukumar S for the partial fulfillment of Master of Business Administration degree, SRM University during the period of study in the academic year 2008-2010.

Internal Guide Mr. MANIKANDAN Assistant Professor (Sr.G), School Of Management, SRM University.

Head of the Department Dr.JAYSHREE SURESH Dean School Of Management SRM University

Submitted for the University Examination held on


I hereby declare that this project report entitled “A Study on Forex Risk Management in Indian Overseas Bank” submitted for the award of degree of Master of Business Administration in SRM University is a Bonafide work done by me after completing Final Project Internship Training at Indian Overseas Bank, Chennai branch for a period of 2 months. Place: Chennai Date: MUTHUKUMAR S FINAL YEAR - MBA School Of Management SRM University…...

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