Foss Does It Help or Does It Hurt

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FOSS has it helped or has it hurt?

Bonita Jones-Bey

Class IT 302
Professor Emerenini
July 26, 2013

Upon my undertaking of this assignment I wasn’t aware of the in-depth concept of Free and Open-Source Software. I had very little understanding of how or why a patent would be needed or just how much controversy came with this ideology. So to be able to understand my assignment I had to understand what the issues were and get a clearer conception of business patents and monopolizing the market and the draw backs and cons.( Sean Michael Kerner ) What is Free Open-Source Software?
Free is software at no cost and open source software is software that is liberally licensed by OSI that uses an open source list of open source licenses, that grant users the right to use and re-use, copy, study, modify, and improve its design through the availability of its source code, rather than having to purchase software or ask permission. The Free Software Foundation, an organization just for this type of software and they ensure that users have availability at completely no cost even when some companies try otherwise. This software’s focuses on the perceived strengths of its peer-to-peer development model and is used by many software packages. Students get to enjoy these software’s for modification and design capabilities, they create games redesign programs and a host of other things they would be not be allotted to change due to copyright laws .(cite:

Microsoft alleged patent violations by FOSS in 2006.

According to the research I found the industry was not very frayed by Microsoft's claims. “Its master legal strategist by the name of Eben Moglen, was longtime counsel to the Free Software Foundation and the head of the Software Freedom Law Center, which counseled FOSS on how to protect themselves from patent aggression”. (Being a Law…...

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