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...O caminho das pedras é mais duro quando não se tem as respostas. Normal distribution of asdf: sdf sdfsdf As fsfd sdf Safd asfd sad sfd Sadf sadf sfd sdf sad sadf Adfs sfd sad fsdaf sad fsad fsda f Asdf sdaf sadf sadf sadf sadf sadf sad f Safd sdf sfd sadf sadf sadf sadf safd asd fsasdf Asd safd asdf sadf sdf sad fsa df sadf sdf as dfsa df sda Sadf sadf sad sdf sadf sadf sad fasd safd sadf sad fsdf sadf sadsad Asdf sadf sadf sdf sdf sadf sadf sadf asdf sad fsadf sadf sadf sad f as s ds Sadf asd sdf sdf sadf sdf sdf sadf sdf sadf sdf sdf sadf sadf sdf asd fsadf sdf sad Sadf sad sdf sadf sd sdf sadf sadf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf asdf sadf sdf sadf s sad Asdf sadf sadf sad fsdf sadf sdf sdf sadf sdf sdf asdf sdf asdf sad sad f Sadf sdf sad sad sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sad sdf sdf sd fsfd sfd as sad Asdf safd sd sfd sfd sad sdf sadf sfd asdf asdf sadf sad sfd ds Sdf asd asdf sdf sadf sadf sadf sdf sadf safd s sfd sadf s Sdf asd sdf sadf sfd sfd sfd sdf sad fsa f sfdsf sfd Sdf saf sdaf sadf sadf sad fsd fsadf safdsfd Sdf sdf adsf sadf sadf sadf sasadfsdf Asdf safd sdf sdf sadf sdsdf sdf Safd safd sadf sdf sdf sdf Safd safd ssdf sdf sd Sdfa asd asdf...

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...Lsakfjsdñl fasd flkjaieajñflka sdfaksd fjañlksfdj asldfaf jañlsdkfj asd lfkajsdfl as flaksd jflaksdjf ñalj fa fasjwñief alskfas fa flksadjfñ lkasdfl kasdf lasdf añlsdfj asñdlf adñl aslfkañlsdkfjhijsfklgjflkd ghdf gd fg sd gfds gs df asd fa sfd as f asd fas dfa serf as fa sdf asfa f af as f asdf as ger gd sñdlkjf asd fsa fd asdf asdfa sdf as dfa sdf as fdas dfasd gas dg adfgkjadhslkf asl kgjhalekgjlfd kjgadskgj sda sdf adsf asd fsad g dh as g adh G sdg dsH DS FD SG FSDH fd sg dfa ghf dh adf g adg a sg adfg asd g adgasd fa sdf as dga sdg df vas d eg e arh d h as fv asdf as dbg ad bgsd av asd v sdv E DV RDG SD g ad gas g ah dsg adf ha dfgha sd hga dfh adf ha h rahfd hga dsfg a ha d fbga dfg asd fga sd gad sg d ah dfg ads f asd g a dsf asdas dfa sd fdas gf asdf er h fh tyj ytuj iukh tyuj y juyj rtyj ky rty df h ds gs dfg a df a dsg adf g dh sfgh ds fg ad fga dg sdfh s fh dsf gs dfh sfd g dfg ag sdsdfsadfasd sa fas df adsg sdg th sdf gs dfg as dga dfg asd gfd ga sdf ads gas d vad fv asd fa sdf as f asdg dfhgads afa fga sdf asd fa sdf asd f sF SADG DAF GA SDF fasdf....

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...ihihihi hi i i hih ihhih i hihih i hihi h ihih i hihi h ih hihihih i hihi h ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ihihih ih i hihi h ihih ih ih ihih ih ih ihih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih hihi h ih ih ihihih i hihi h ih ih ihih ih ih ih ih ihih ih ih ih ih i hihi h ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ihih ih ih i hi i hihi hihi h ih ihihiihihih ih ihih ihi ih ih ih ihihih i hi hihi h ih hihi hi hihihi hihihihihii ii i i iiiii i i kl jjkj klj kj j kl lk k jl kl kj lk; lkjlk j l;jk lk ; jk jk jl kl ; ;lj lkj lj lk lk lj j l d d dn ds sadf asd fsd f fs fa fsda fsda sfd sdaf fsd fds fds fsadf sa fsd sdff dsfds dsf fds fds fdsa fdsa dsf dsf dfdsaf adfs fd fd fdsa dfs df df dfs sdf dsf dfs dsf fsad fds fdas f fsad sad ds dfs fds fsd df fds fsd fsdfasd fsad d fdsf dsfds fds fds fds fd fds fsd fds fds fsad fad fd fds fsd sdf dsffd fd fsd fsd fds fds fd fs fsd dfs fds fds...

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...that best distinguished the groups. Prause and Graham suggested that measuring sexual arousal with psychophysiological instruments might further elucidate if these observed group differences in arousal might also apply to asexuals’ sexual physiological responding. In a more recent study designed to explore sexual response and distress in asexuals, 187 asexual men and women completed a web-based questionnaire followed by in-depth telephone interviews with a subset of 15 asexuals (Brotto et al., 2010). Among those asexuals who had been sexually active in the past 4 weeks, women showed low arousal scores on the Female Sexual Function Index (Rosen et al., 2000) comparable to a larger validation group of women with Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD; Wiegel, Meston, & Rosen, 2005). However, asexual men showed normal levels of erectile functioning (the analogue of arousal in men) on the International Index of Erectile Functioning (Rosen et al., 1997), suggesting that if arousal was impaired, it might be a feature only of female and not of male asexuality. In the qualitative phase of this study, several asexuals spoke about their genitals in somewhat technical, emotionally bare language and most believed that they lacked a sexual arousal response (Brotto et al., 2010). Although this limited research proposes that genital sexual arousal in asexuals might be impaired (along with self-reported desire), to date, there have been no studies of asexuals’ psychophysiological sexual......

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...EN1420 Hello alkla;fj’lasdfk kasdfnkl;jasdklfmalk;sdfjkl;asdfk afjlads;fkj l;a Afj;laesjfkl’d Afnm;aldfkjl;afj Afdkl;fjdo;aui Adfjkl’adf Afjkdl’jadsf’l Adfkldfjdskl Aff F F F S Fsd D Fsd Afd Fasd F Asfd Dsaf Sda Fsda Fds Af Sdf Sfdsaf Asdf Sdaf Asdf D Fs Adf Sadf Sad F Sdaf Seda F Sda Fsda F Sdasf Sda Fd Ssfaasfd Dsf Sda Fsda Df Sda Sda F Asdf Sd Fsad F Asdf Sda Fsd Af Sdaf Asdf Sda F Sdaf As F Dsa Asd Df Sda Sd Fsd A Sdaf Sda Sd Sdfa F Asdasdf Dsfsda Dfs Sdfa Sdfa Sd Fasd Fad Fssd Fa Sdfa Df Sdf Sdf Sdf Sdfa Sdfa Sdfh Gh Ty Drtsg Tr D Rt E4t Drt Drg Sdf Drg D F Fghsdf Gsdfgsdfg Sdf Gsd Fgsdfgsdfgsdf Gsdf Gsdf Gsd Fgsd Fg Sdf Gsd Fg Sdf Gsdf G Sdf Gsd Fg Sdf Gsd Fg Sdfsgdf Df H Fgh Gh Jsdf G Sdfg Sdf Gsdf G Dfs Gsdf G Sdf Gsdf G Sdf Gsdf Gdfs G Dsf Gsdf G Sdfsdg Sdf Gsd Fsg Sg Fg Fg Fg Sdfg Fg Fg Fg Fg Sg Fg Fgg Fsdg Gsdf G Sgdfg Sdfg Dfg Sdfgfsd Gfsdgsdf Gfsd Gsdf G Sdfg Sdfgsd Fjhgjuk Uyi Ug K Yg D Gh Gh Gh Ghd Ghghuy Uy Y Jh Jh Jh Jh Jhjh Jh Jhgfgj J J Jh Jgh Hg Ty F Sdf Dg Dg D Sdf Jh U6t Duyg Ydf Df D Fg F G G F F Gh Df D Fd F Df Dfh fg Gsdf G Sdf Gsdf G Sdfg Sdf G Sdf dsfgdsf...

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...and emotional effects to the child’s life; this cannot be out grown or treated. Women who consume alcohol during pregnancy sometimes do not know they are pregnant, but on the other hand some woman that are aware choose to continue to drink throughout their pregnancy. According to National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (2001-2004), “FASD is the leading known preventable cause of mental retardation and birth defects, and a leading known cause of learning disabilities.” If women stop drinking alcohol during pregnancy, another baby will not be born with these lifelong birth defects. Mental retardation caused by FASD leaves the child suffering from social and emotional problems through his or her childhood and adult life. Children with FSAD are at a great disadvantage because their brains are not fully formed to the size of other children their age. “Children with FASD are at high risk for several secondary problems, such as, a disrupted school experience, getting into trouble with the law, inability to live independently, and unemployment” (National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome-2004). Mental retardation has a variety of characteristics including delayed development. Children may have difficulty learning how to talk, remembering things, or certain schoolwork such as math. According to Symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (1999-2005), “The most serious characteristics of FASD are the invisible symptoms of neurological damage that results from prenatal......

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